The Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Research Group (OHNRG) was established at UCSF in 2016 to increase basic and translational research centered around cancers of the oral cavity and head & neck. The OHNRG seeks to bring together investigators of diverse backgrounds and to make readily available resources such as tissue, cell lines, and patient-derived xenograft models. We also seek to leverage the outstanding clinical knowledge of the disease processes and patient needs to help address the important questions of OHN cancer via engagement with the world-class scientific community at UCSF.

Through these collaborations, we hope to energize and bring together both clinicians and scientists around the goal of making a difference for our patients afflicted with oral, head and neck cancer. Membership is deliberately inclusive: just show up, and you are part of the team.

Monthly Seminars

The Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Research Group holds monthly seminars from September through June, featuring scientists and clinicians from various departments and institutions.  The goal is to work collaboratively to translate key findings to novel therapies for this particularly challenging cancer type.

Seminars are held one Monday per month, from 4-5 PM.

Visit our Seminar Information page for seminar details.